scRepertoire requires R version 4.1 or greater and highly recommend installing R Studio.

Release Notes

A full copy of the changes in each version can be found in the NEWS/ChangeLog.

GitHub Branches

scRepertoire is an active project, that receives a number of changes based on user feedback, the most up-to-date versions are available via the GitHub repositories. These versions can be installed using devtools::install_github() or remotes::install_github(). The dev version is the active development branch and might be less stable than the main branch or bioconductor versions.

devtools::install_github(repo = "ncborcherding/scRepertoire")

remotes::install_github(repo = "ncborcherding/scRepertoire", ref = "dev")


The current version of scRepertoire is also available in the development version of Bioconductor. Important to note, the version is listed as 1.99.1 on Bioconductor per their version guidelines.